A Paper Palette
A Paper Palette, envisioned by the creative team at White Space Home, is more than just a brand; it's a celebration of boundless creativity and artistic innovation. Deeply rooted in the ethos of transforming spaces through color, this venture marks an exciting extension of their already impressive artistic portfolio.

We were thrilled to partner with them on this revolutionary project that transcends traditional interior design norms. From curating downloadable colour palettes that promise to elevate any space, to ensuring the brand messaging was as vibrant as the palettes themselves, our collaboration aimed to create an environment where inspiration reigns supreme.

The brand's commitment to fostering imagination and creativity aligns perfectly with our own values at Lark Digital. We helped complete this vision by crafting a brand identity that is as playful as it is transformative.

With A Paper Palette, the journey into the realm of boundless creativity has just begun, and we couldn't be more excited to see where this colour-filled adventure leads.
What our clients are saying

Sadie -

"It is always an absolute joy to work with Alouette. I have now worked with Alouette twice and I would highly recommend her.

The level of understanding, care and support has been second to none, both times she has delivered branding that has absolutely nailed the brief.

Alouette is thorough right from the start of a project, and I have found the initial strategic work that she does to be incredibly helpful for getting the best out of my branding long-term.

She has been thorough from the start, efficient and incredibly supportive. I have been super impressed with the high level of communication and attention to detail."