Maisey Marketing
Maisey Marketing, specialising in empowering small businesses to make a BIG splash in their respective markets, came to us with a vision that was both aspirational and grounded. Just like the impact of crashing waves, they wanted their branding to be memorable and impactful, but also welcoming and supportive.

We aligned our creative energies to design a brand identity that checks all the boxes—professional, classy yet affordable, friendly, reliable, experienced, and supportive. The centerpiece of our collaboration was a logo inspired by the might of crashing waves, symbolising the transformative impact Maisey Marketing has on their clients.

The final suite of social media assets we crafted for Maisey Marketing ensures that they present a gorgeously consistent brand experience across all platforms. Now, they're not just telling small businesses they can make a big impact; they're showing it through a brand identity that embodies that very essence.
What our clients are saying

Hayley -

"Lark Digital rocks. That’s my review.

To provide a bit of background, I asked them to help me rebrand my marketing consultancy; I worked with Alouette, Founder and Head Designer. Throughout the process Alouette kept me grounded and challenged my thinking with full support all the way.

She also produced the most amazing branding for my five-year old business that really needed an overhaul, for many reasons. As well as giving me clarity, confidence and strategic direction for my brand, Alouette's provided me with colour and style guidelines, image notes and social media assets."