Maria Izamis Jewellery
Maria Izamis Jewellery is an ethically sourced, hand-crafted jewellery brand with a passion for unearthing stories through luxury jewellery pieces to become treasured by their new owners.

Their mission is to curate recycled metal jewellery pieces that never compromise on quality or craftsmanship and looks to inspire positivity in all women, empowering those who wear them.

Our goal was to create a brand identity and message to mirror the bespoke and creative approach they take to designing luxury jewellery pieces that reflect the heart, chic style, and timeless style of Maria’s jewellery.
Maria, the founder of Maria Izamis Jewellery, wanted to update her branding to focus on artistry and quality. With a passion for cultivating pieces that allow their owner to feel fashionably chic and represent who they are as strong, independent women with distinctive taste.

We pulled inspiration from Maria’s greek heritage to create a visual narrative that feels genuine, elegant and empowering. The brand conveys bold comfort and a casual sense of luxury, ultimately merging sophisticated, creative solutions with natural elements and materials.

To embody the idea of recycling, we crafted a stylised “MI” within a circle representing the ever-moving rotation of recycled materials.
Creating a visual narrative that reflects their timeless style, the elegant, minimal marks nod to the founder’s Greek heritage. The aesthetic represents their approach and beliefs but can grow with them as they expand their services to work with retailers and reap the rewards of the therapeutic effect creativity feeds into their soul.

We fused muted sapphire hues and sandy tones to create a natural, raw feel to connect the mark of distinction whilst also being kind to the environment.

Sophisticated serif typography positions the brand as a source of semi-precious materials with design elements that portray the chic, clean lines or curves of their jewellery – while the design elements evoke striking architectural powerful pieces of go-to, old-faithful everyday jewellery.
What our clients are saying

Maria -

"I think my new branding looks really classy and perfect! I can’t tell you how amazing it looks!"