Ranscombe House

Creative Solutions for a Coastal Gem in Brixham, Devon

Pip is the visionary behind Ranscombe House, a premium bed and breakfast situated in the picturesque setting of Brixham, Devon. Overlooking Torbay and the shimmering sea, Ranscombe House is more than just a B&B; it's a home away from home. With options for both individual rooms and full house holiday lets, Pip's vision was to offer a quintessential Devon experience steeped in warmth, comfort, and unforgettable hospitality.

Brand Positioning

Our mission was clear: bring to life the exceptional value of a premium bed and breakfast that feels like a warm hug, echoing the hospitality that Devon is famous for. Whether our guests are in town for a romantic escape, a family vacation, or an outdoor adventure, our brand positioning centers around crafting memorable experiences. A commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices adds another layer to the brand’s ethos.

Creative Solutions

Web Experience

The website is the digital facade of Ranscombe House. So, it had to be striking yet user-friendly, encapsulating the property's unique charm. We opted for a visually enriching design, aided by high-resolution photography that showcases the range of amenities and cozy accommodations.

Visual Identity

The visual elements, from colour to typography, align with the brand's personality and values. We chose a color palette featuring strong blues, warm golds, and soft greys, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that complements the scenic views.


We selected a Serif + Sans Serif mix for the text. The serif typeface was used for headlines and subheadings to add a touch of tradition, while the sans serif made the body text easy to read, maintaining a modern look.
Photography plays a pivotal role in storytelling, especially in the digital world where visual elements instantly communicate brand values and ethos. For Ranscombe House, the brand photography was not merely about capturing images but encapsulating the 'soul' of this idyllic B&B.

We aimed to do justice to the warm and welcoming atmosphere, something photographs can convey almost instantly. Our approach was not just to document, but to narrate a story. Each photo was carefully composed to resonate with the brand positioning—offering a premium, yet cozy, home away from home.

Pay attention to the smaller things—like a warmly lit lamp on a bedside table, or a delicious, homemade Devon cream tea on the porch—and you'll see how even the minutest details were captured to convey the essence of warm hospitality.

Content Strategy

Being informative and engaging was key. A wealth of information about the property, nearby attractions, and exclusive services ensures potential guests have all they need to plan their perfect getaway.

Interactive elements like an easy-to-use booking system and showcasing the best of Brixham to make the user experience seamless and inviting.

Our approach to Ranscombe House's brand development has achieved what we set out to do — create a brand that people love and want to experience firsthand.
It's not just a brand, it's an invitation to experience Brixham through the eyes of locals.