Rise Collective
Rise Collective, steered by Polly, is a sanctuary for wellness in Norfolk, focusing on the transformative power of Pilates especially during menopause. As a seasoned menopause and Pilates wellness practitioner, Polly is deeply committed to enhancing well-being through mindful movement.

We had the privilege of collaborating with Polly to build a mini branding package that encapsulates the soul of Rise Collective. From designing an intuitive website to creating impactful collateral and social media content, we've helped establish a brand identity that is as holistic, empowering, and soothing as the services Polly offers. With Rise Collective, Norfolk has a passionate practitioner and a tranquil space dedicated to the life-changing journey of Pilates wellness.
What our clients are saying

Polly -

"Alouette at Lark Digital such a dream to work with. She is creative, understanding, supportive and so friendly. She explains everything clearly and helps with suggestions and ideas.

She really supported and guided me through the process and I look forward to working with her in the future. Made me realise how much I needed her help/expertise and support. Thank you Alouette x"